DotNet Languages list

Here is a list of programming languages which run on the Microsoft DotNet Common Language Runtime (.Net CLR). Currently (Dec 2005), it comprises less than 30 languages. This is in contrast to languages implementations on the JVM, which number 160. No doubt the gap will start to narrow as the Microsoft.NET platform matures.

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Chui Tey

DotNet Languages list

  1. APL
  3. Boo Codehaus Boo – python inspired syntax
  4. Fujitsu COBOL
  5. Micro Focus Cobol NetExpress
  6. Microsoft C#
  7. F# (a mixed functional/imperative anguage based on Caml from Microsoft Research)
  8. Eiffel
  9. Delta Forth
  10. Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran for .NET
  11. Salford Fortran
  12. Hugs98 Haskell
  13. Glasgow Haskell
  14. Microsoft J#
  15. Microsoft Jscript
  16. Microsoft clisp (bundled with Framework SDK)
  17. Oberon
  18. ActiveState Perl.NET
  19. ActiveState Python.NET
  20. Mark Hammond Python.NET
  21. Mercury.NET
  22. Mondrian
  23. Component Pascal
  24. TMT Pascal
  25. IronPython
  26. Microsoft IronPython
  27. Tachy – subset of Scheme
  28. HotDog Scheme
  29. Smalltalk SmallScript
  30. SML.NET
  31. QKS Smalltalk [dead]

Other Links

Official Microsoft list of third party language vendors (link dead)

Brian Ritchie’s extensive list of Dotnet Languages.

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