Sharepoint ideas for MicroISVs

I was looking around for projects that a MicroISV can build on top of Microsoft Sharepoint, and thought I’d share a few resources I’ve come across.

  • Michael Sampson has written up a gap analysis for Sharepoint. A table of contents is available for download on his site. He was actually nice enough to call, all the way from New Zealand.
  • (Michael’s suggestion) Join the local Sharepoint user group. Best solid tip for Customer development and Customer validation.
  • Tackle and resegment existing markets. Look at the Sharepoint ISV Partner Ecosystem
  • Jeremy Thake’s Diigo list of Sharepoint Tools
  • Microsoft BizSpark for almost free software
  • Understanding what type of collaboration you are targeting. Read the Solution Quadrant so that you can talk intelligently about collaboration. Incidentally this is not the first time I’ve come across this way of classifying collaboration styles.
  • Check out the comments on this article: Sharepoint 2007 Review. There are some MicroISVs working the forums there.
  • Mike Gannotti blogs regularly about Sharepoint and ISVs in the space.

Why would MicroISVs want to target Sharepoint?

  1. It is easier to sell an add-on for some missing functionality than to sell a brand new package
  2. The Sharepoint installed base is growing.
  3. Do not dismiss the ecosystem of acting as intermediaries. For example, there are many document management vendors who now have to integrate with Sharepoint. One can either consult or provide add-ins that make integration easier.


  1. I reviewed these, and found none of the offerings particularly compelling, as it offers little actionable information. Sharepoint Analytics WebTrends NinTex
  2. Sharepoint Pain Points
  3. Sharepoint


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