What does Web 2.0 software testing look like?

The screenshots of $20/month Software-As-a-Service Manual Test tool shows how disruptive the web can be for existing business. In this case, these guys are competing with featureful competitors like Mercury Test Director.

Other possibilities can be achieved by stitching together solutions involving

1) Mechanical Turk
2) Puppet
3) Virtualization

Bugs might be solved a similar way, using a bounty-style Experts Exchange. There are only a few people in the world who have true CSS-fu, able to leap over browser bugs in a single-bound. Meanwhile, there are developers who are slogging over what are essentially solved problems. It is not unusual for a less experienced developer for spend 3-4 days on a single rendering bug. Solving some of these problems are worth at least $1000 a pop, not to mention the impact on a company’s development schedule.